About Aligned Visions

We strive to publish and distribute media that puts humanistic values front and center

Mission: To create, publish, and make accessible universal science fiction with BAMs for the Anthropocene.  

*BAM stands for Big Assed Message

The AV Mission is to publish:

  • Science fiction that creatively imagines post “might makes right” visions of the universe and the beings that might inhabit it.
  • Sci-Fi that does not view Other Species as threats simply because they are Other.
  • Sci-Fi that does not dwell on dystopias, hinge on seemingly inevitable fights for scarce resources, or focus on quests by evil doers to exploit the resources of the Earth.
  • Science fiction that imagines pathways to better living within our universes and provides relevant sci-fi for everyone.
We are working towards publishing progressive work by imaginative, talented, and dedicated authors.

 contact us: info@aligned-visions.com